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Pain & Stress Relief for Active Arizonans

cyclists, runners, hikers & more

You're someone who likes to stay active

massage therapy can help you achieve your goals

Do you struggle with:

  • Over or Underused Muscles

  • Recent or Past Injuries

  • Chronic Pain Muscular in Orgin

  • Planter Fasciitis

  • Scoliosis

How massage can help:

  • Pain Relief

  • Improved Athletic Performance

  • Injury Prevention

  • Post Race/Training Recovery

  • Increased Range of Motion

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massage Therapy

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Hey there!

I'm Aimee Zimmerman

Your licensed massage therapist and owner of AZ Mountain View Massage. As an avid hiker, cyclist, and gym enthusiast I understand the needs of physically active people!

I'll help you achieve your active lifestyle goals by keeping you pain free with a massage therapy self-care routine!

how i can help
Outdoor Enthusiast

Aimee is such an amazing massage therapist! She has some of the strongest hands.  She really knows how to find the areas that need work. She is by far one of the best massage therapist out there! And she is just an awesome person in general!

- Randi V.

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